About Content News

News is defined as something fresh and factual (FF). Content that is current and reliable. At least that’s what good old journalism preached and imbibed. But not anymore. Caught in the grip of the new Web 2.0 technology the enabler for social media content and publishing every one is now a journalist. The first casualty is the fact. The second is content now both stale and fictitious. The world now swims in an ocean of fake news and its disastrous effects.

In this ocean, many are not giving up or giving in to fake news. They stay true to the professional ethics.
Hence the rationale for the birth

TheContent news online. Content.ng seeks to rise above the fake news, away from the putrid smell of lies served as news to offer credible content and leave the reader to judge.

We will walk the fine in this endeavor. We will curate our news, reports, feature stories and headlines in such a way that they lead and not mislead. That they empower and not subjugate or oppress. Above all, that they serve the good of the society at large.
We know even in journalism it’s the content stupid!