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Revealed: Inside the evil plan to attack and blackmail the Minister of Sports by the Folarin APC gang.

The 3 prong plot against the Minister of Youth and Sports, Chief Sunday Dare without any justifiable reason have been revealed as follows:

First to use the office of the National Secretary of the party; Senator Iyiola Omisore to order an illegal suspension of the Federal Minister and founding member of the party based on spurious and ill-motivated allegations.

Secondly, to instigate the Folarin / Akala elements in Ogbomoso area, to write a spurious petition against the Minister to the party headquarters and thirdly to employ boys in the social media to discredit the Minister, defame and spread lies against him.

All of these are on the cards and have been exposed.

Details of the meeting first held in Ogbomoso and later in Ibadan and Osogbo on how to unleash unsubstantiated allegations against the Honorable Minister by some so called APC stakeholders with sympathy to Folarin have began to emerge.

Among the plans, which is to pay their boys in the social media to do hatchet jobs to defame the Minister’s character have started materializing.

Folarin’s group is angry with the Minister for not supporting Teslim Folarin in his bid for the governorship and for not campaigning with him.

The most ridiculous of the lies they are peddling against the Minister is that he did not vote for the APC candidates in the February 25th elections. Such are the ridiculous and blatant allegations against the Minister.

This new attempt to demonize the Minister began after the picture of Wolekanle, a former Apc member now in the PDP surfaced.

The folarin team reacted violently calling the Minister names? attacking him on baseless and unfounded allegations.

The Minister’s team however responded swiftly with a statement on Friday 10th of March 2023, stating inter Alia

“ Reacting to the political nuances established by different blogs, The Minister’s team has said Political detractors went rife with contorted views on the political affiliation of Chief Sunday Dare. For any avoidance of doubt, Chief Sunday Dare remains a bonafide and committed member of The APC.
Minister Sunday Dare, The Agbaakin of Ogbomosoland can receive any Ogbomoso or Oyo citizen in His country home.

For the avoidance of doubts, Chief Sunday Dare as the Agbaakin of Ogbomosoland can freely attend to pressing matters concerning the growth of his hometown, Ogbomoso.
And as a high-ranking chief, his doors are and would always be open to all the sons and daughters of the town.

The details of Wolekanle’s visit does not in any way suggest political intentions.

It is understood that The Media is being marshaled against the All Progressives Congress’s (APC) chances in the state, as seen in the tactical deployment of false News reports being strategically released to demonize members of the party.

The Minister advises Members of Oyo APC to remain vigilant and discerning in these crucial days leading to the polls.”

Also, Mr Demola Olawale a leading member of the Minister’s team declares. “ For nearly 2 years we have seen efforts to attack the reputation of the Minister by individuals who destroyed Oyo APC and now running the party like their sole property.

We have kept quiet for long. But no more. We have our facts. History will bear us out. We will meet their propaganda with facts.

This latest attempt to lie to the world will be fought. The APC HQ knows the truth about our situation. They begged us not to go to court. Then they rigged both the Congress and party primaries. Then the APC Oyo began a systematic isolation of any member not in the Folarin camp. Media attacks and issuing threats of violence to everyone. Many party members have since defected from the APC.

The Minister stayed back but refused to join their camp. On the 1st of November last year, he wrote a 3-page letter to the APC HQ on the precarious situation of the Oyo APC and attempts to isolate and defame him. “

“ The Minister has been variously attacked and his office disrespected by these characters. Imagine, In The booklet used for Asiwaju’s Presidential campaign in Oyo, the name and picture of the Minister was deliberately removed from the program. This is the handiwork of Teslim Folarin’s group with Omodewu the party chairman in tow.

I can cite numerous examples of acts of provocation.

Feelers indicate that the Minister is now ready to fight and confront these people. He is in Abuja briefing his lawyers a source indicated.

A journalist and writer with 28 years of experience, the Minister has assembled his senior media team to get to work.

The days ahead would be interesting.


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