Atiku craves to become president of Nigeria. His cravings are personal ones that have nothing to do with the public’s benefit. He is an obsessed man which makes him a ruthless one. Atiku’s gnawing desire is to rule over the people and nation as if they were his servants and the nation his personal possession. His mindset is not one of a modern democrat. It is one of a monarch from the medieval past.

Because of his love for power and disdain for people, Atiku is unfettered in his pursuit of the Villa.  We all know there was a nearly successful hack of INEC’s server during the 2019 election. We also know the hack and fake results arising from it dramatically favored Atiku.  Remember also that Atiku ran a sparse and lackluster campaign then. He did not canvass the nation and his appeal to the people was minimal. He personally disdains campaigning and does not care for very many people, perhaps only those in his immediate inner circle. In fact, he perfunctorily mimicked the gestures and motions of campaigning.  However, the basket he placed his eggs in was not the one labelled ‘the people’s sovereign will to determine their own leaders.’ The basket in which he placed his faith was that labelled ‘new technical tricks and old time deception’.

If ever he held a place in his heart for democracy and the will and welfare of the people, those things have been long dispossessed by the encroachment of inordinate ambition.

As such the man simply has no place in his heart for the welfare of the masses. We live in a nation of high poverty, joblessness and lack of sufficiently active companies and firms to drive economic growth and create employment. Atiku’s answer to our economic troubles is simply to sell every bit of public property to vulture capitalists. They will buy, parcel by parcel, our patrimony at low cost. They will not invest to make things work. They will sell off the parcels bit by bit so that they recoup their funds and make a tidy profit on the side. Meanwhile, we will be left with fewer national assets yet none of our economic issues answered.

Atiku has stated that he will open Nigeria’s borders when he becomes president. This means that goods from abroad will flood the market, killing off domestic industries and forcing more people into joblessness.

However, Atiku’s love of the so-called free market went conveniently missing during the CBN’s initiation of its cashless policy through the naira redesign exercise. Had Atiku been faithful to his free-market ideas, he would have adamantly opposed the CBN’s ruse. A true free market believer would have stated that if the people want cash, then their demand for cash should be addressed. To make  people buy goods and services they do not need or want, such as bank accounts and debit cards, is a form of economic coercion if not tyranny. It is definitely not the free market at play. It is an imposition of state power forcing people to buy what they do not want in order to increase the power and profits of the banking sector and its leaders.

But Atiku embraced this harmful departure from his free market fundamentalism because it suited him. His support of the CBN  enabled Atiku to gain as the CBN reciprocated by supporting him in kind.

That tens of millions became poorer overnight, did not concern him. That millions of chidlren went hungry because their parents could not buy food  did not move him.  That hundreds of vulnerable or sick people died as a consequence of this policy, did not upset him in the least.  He cared less about the personal financial damage and ruin caused to many. He benefited handsomely. That was sufficient for him.

Now, on the near eve of elections, Atiku traverses the nation, especially the north, parceling money wherever he goes . This is perhaps one of the most cynical ruses ever deployed in a Nigerian election. Here is a man who championed the financial carnage caused by the CBN’s decimation of the naira supply.  Given his closeness to the apex bank, he was not hurt by the substantial withdrawal of the naira. With his war chest full, he goes about the countryside handing out money not as humanitarian relief but for a singular and greedy purpose.

Because of the artificial cash shortage he championed, Atiku hopes people will be so starved of money that they will also be  grateful to receive the little trickles he delivers. As such, he hopes people  will be so desperate  that they will shift their vote for him even for a pittance. His strategy was to put people in so much pain that he could buy their votes on the cheap. In effect, he wanted to wreck the economy so that he could buy voted  a man can be so ruthless to get office, we should quake in fear of what he will do if given that office. He will not leave that office until he has fully bankrupted the nation and corrupted it completely. Such a man cannot help but bend the country to his will instead of bending his will to the good of the country. Ancient times gave the world Atilla the Hun. Modern times give Nigeria Atiku the Ruthless.     


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