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Sunday Dare Focused on Ministerial Duties, Tinubu’s Election, Will Entertain No Distraction.

  • The attention of the Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Sunday Dare has been drawn to a ludicrous statement made by a cowardly faceless group parading itself against the interest of Oyo APC.

The laughable statement which lacked merit and coherence, was bereft of logic in it’s baseless accusations of anti-party activities which it levelled against the Minister. This baseless and laughable attack on the Minister comes days after the illegally elected APC Chairman of Oyo APC, Isaac Omodewu made an open threat of attack with plans to blackmail the Minister in Ogbomoso.

Listen to Omodewu, “I sent 2 text messages to the Minister and he did not respond. I am 60 years and older than him by 3 years. Does he not know that? Tell him, I will soon unleash my plans of blackmail against him ….” Omodewu, illegal APC chairman. Oyo state threatening the SA to the HM in Ogbomoso in the residence of the Akalas.

The Ministers’ legal team are not taking this threat of defamation lightly.

To set the records straight, this group should be schooled on many grounds. First, that there is a world of difference between political activities and governance activities. It is instructive for political detractors to note that, government activities must be carried out for the benefit of Nigerians, irrespective of the political party in power, in any state.

A Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria must therefore discharge his duties meticulously, without political interference. President Muhammadu Buhari, entrusted an assignment to Honorable Minister Sunday Dare in the area of Youth and Sports, that assignment he takes seriously and has been perfoming.

The faceless group’s anger is more about the Minister’s refusal to identify with the APC leadership in Oyo because of their errant ways. The lies they have told in many places without getting any traction are what they now want to market in the open through dubious channels.

The position of the Honorable Minister, Chief Sunday Dare over the manipulation of the primaries at various levels in Oyo APC is publicly known. We the members of the Ogbomoso Progressive Forum, OPF, stand firmly with the Minister and will outline the series of manipulations and forgeries that attended APCs primaries.

Recall that on three occasions he led leaders of the party to Abuja to ensure justice and fair play to no end.

Presently, over 70 per cent of core APC leaders in Oyo State have either withdrawn from the party’s activities or defected to other parties. Let those with stolen mandates shut up and manage their loots. The Minister, a founding member of the APC remains committed to the party. He is a bonafide member of the APC and no amount of blackmail can change that.

Let the Shenanigans find another job.

The assignment before the APC in all states is to Sweep it Clean, hence, Minister Sunday Dare is focused on delivering Oyo State for APC in the presidential elections and will not be distracted by obvious absurdities.

Signed:Barrister Sulayman Dawud
Co-ordinator, Ogbomoso ProgressiveForum, OPF.



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