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The conditions must be right for Teslim Folarin to win – Sunday Dare

Sunday Dare, Minister of Youth and Sports Development, said he would do everything to make sure the All Progressives Congress, APC, win Oyo state provided the conditions are right.

This was just as he said reconciliation within the state chapter of the party can fully only occur if major actors are truly  sincere.

The  Agbaakin of Ogbomosoland, who recently has been busy with his ministerial duties while also putting out structures across the nation, towards the success of APC in 2023, reacted to the situation of Oyo APC in an interview made available to Content News from a Newsblog named OyoInsight.

Dare who says, APC stands a good chance of winning the 2023 elections in 2023 did not shy away from the blatant issues the party is grappling with in Oyo State. Having agreed that there are many aggrieved parties in the Oyo APC, he says until these greviances are addressed, the party should continue to appeal to more and more people.

“Every party goes into an election with the sole objective of winning. The APC had governed Oyo State for 8 years under late former governor Abiola Ajimobi and has done that transformation leadership. The pace of development and depth of development he brought to Oyo state is still unrivaled.

“Unfortunately, we lost the election in 2019 not because we didn’t deliver on our promises or dividend of democracy but because of internal wrangling.”

“You know there is a conditional precedent for any party that is desirous of victory; there must be internal democracy, there must be internal cohesion, there must be compromise, there must be give and take.”

“The question to ask is has the APC in Oyo state been able to forge that kind of internal cohesion? If that has not been done, if there are people that have tendencies that are at variance with ideals and principles of the party, something needs to be done urgently. If those conditions are not there, then we need to ask ourselves the tough questions. Then do we have the time to bring about that cohesion?”

“Are people willing to do what is necessary? And that’s the point. Before you expect to pass an examination, there are some conditional precedents. Before you expect victory in war, whether political, economic or football battle, there are conditions you must fulfill. Have we fulfilled those conditions in Oyo APC? I remain a committed, loyal member of the APC. I am a bonafide member; one of the founding members. I remain 100 percent even beyond the APC, I want APC to win in Oyo absolutely. But I also know that as a leader, it is important that you are able to reach out to those who are aggrieved because people are aggrieved.”

“The fact is there. I will not play the ostrich— to bury my head. It is not just about me but about people who have come to me in folds. I have followers in Ogbomoso, Okeogun and other places. They have been basically kicked aside. You know what I am talking about.”

“Like the symbol of APC, it is not a single broom. Isn’t it? It’s several strands of the broom. That is how you can have a clean sweep at the polls. Right now, we can’t stand as a single broom in Oyo state. We need to return to the single, ideal of the broom— collectivity. Get everybody together and that means, everybody, as much as possible must be accommodated”

The former executive commissioner in charge of stakeholders management at the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, said one month is enough for reconciliation if the major actors are sincere.

“Reconciliation can even happen in 30 days. It just depends on the sincerity. It depends on the commitment to the sole objective. It also depends on people owing up to what they should have done that they didn’t do. There will be apologies, there will be compromises and the rest. That is it. But if there is grandstanding and some people think they are more bonafide members than others… If someone joins APC two weeks ago, he has equal rights with someone who joined three years ago. That is the party’s principle. Once you step into APC water, you are bonafide.”

“In two weeks, reconciliation can happen. There have been one or two reconciliation meetings going on, none of them have spoken to me. They have not met me. I know they called me once, I wasn’t around because I have an official duty. I know a couple of other APC leaders who have same complaint. So are there some level of discrimination? I am a minister from Oyo state and reconciliation is being done and you didn’t hear me out. I am not complaining because I have already laid down my own concerns. They are in the open. They are not hidden.”

Asked if he would work for Folarin if those conditions listed are fulfilled, Dare said he would work for the APC form ward to national level.

”The APC is my primary objective. And I want the party to achieve victory at every level of election— local, state and federal. And when you look at the national, you see where we are with Asiwaju Bola Tinubu as presidential flagbearer. You have seen how he has moved around. You have seen the continuous engagement at various levels. You have seen a politician of experience of national status. And you have seen how every ranks and files have  queued up behind him.”

“And there is a lesson to be learnt in that. And for me, it is about APC, making sure that party succeeds at the polls at whatever level. I will do whatever is necessary to have the party succeed at every level. I will make sure I work for the APC to succeed. But also, the conditions must be right.” He said.


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