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Dont plunge Oyo State into Political Crisis- Party Elders warn Gambo led APC Committee. Expose Teslim Folarin/Akala of PDP agenda!

The disagreements over the list brought by the party has led to serious tension and confusion and the elders of the party have risen in one
Voice to warn APC congress committee not to plunge the party into crisis. The warning reads:

“Any attempt by the unseen hands and your committee to hand over the party in the State to Folarin/Akala tendency would only spell doom for the party in Oyo State. How can a PDP renegade and a serial decampee be handed a progressive party in a progressive state like Oyo. Oyo is neither Kogi nor Imo. It is the home of Awolowo, Bola Ige and Lam Adesina of blessed memories.

We the faithfuls of these Icons of progressive politics of the West constitute the bulk of the APC memberships in Oyo State and unlike the renegades who pot from one party to the other looking for political offices without principles. Where lies our conscience as political leaders to have allowed this despicable acts of reaping where nothing is planted to blossom?

Are our leaders doing any serious thinking? Must the ingratitude and bad reward system that cost our party the 2019 elections in Oyo State be made to continue? Is our memory so short that we could not remember where the rain start beating us? Why should any Congress committee member come to Oyo State in good conscience and declare Folarin tendency alone the winner of wards and Local Government Congresses in the 33 LGs of the State?

One would think that we are smarter than that in the Progressives. We can only but wish your committee good luck but with the benefits of hindsight, I sure believe that your committee will not bring any concerted Ward and LG Congress results to Oyo State for the purpose of conducting the next Saturday state Congress.

As loyal party members faithful plus the valuable commitments made to the party, we owe you and all our leaders a duty of speaking the truth to all of us without equivocation”,


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