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PUMA: I insisted on Team Nigeria wearing only Made in Nigeria kits- Sunday Dare

The Puma deal was shady, those involved will answer for it

Puma’s termination of its sponsorship of Team Nigeria’s kits has met a lot of reactions in the media. These reactions have majorly been questions for the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development, seeking answers to what is really happening to the athletes who are presently in Tokyo.

Team Nigeria appeared at the Tokyo Olympics, smartly kitted in the national colours of the nation, however, the backlash by the public has been in light of recent happenings and reports from the sports sector.

Another controversy trailed the Tiktok video made by Nigeria’s shot put thrower, Enekwetchi who said he had only one jersey to use at the Olympics. This expectedly, was greeted by disapproval from the public.

However, Content News investigated the the claim by the Nigerian athlete, if truly the Team Nigeria athletes were given only one jersey for the games.

Our investigation uncovered that, each athlete got nothing less than 8 pieces of different sports kit, sneakers and a back pack crested with Nigeria’s flag. These kits were unveiled by the Vice President of Nigeria, Prof Yemi Osinbajo a few days to the departure of Team Nigeria to Kizarazu, Tokyo for the Olympics.

In a short interview granted exclusively to Content News, the Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Sunday Dare said he had no regrets about insisting that Team Nigeria wear only Made in Nigeria kits.

“I am presently with my team in Japan, despite all that has been happening or being said in the media. We are optimistic. A lot of people don’t know the truth. It was expected that Puma would terminate that contract. Why not? “

“The kits provided by Puma is a subject of litigation. Gusau and Adeleye who procured these kits are currently under criminal investigation over this Puma deal. The records are there with the police, you can go and find out. But people will soon know the truth. Those who procured the kits are running from pillar to post and one media to another to tarnish my name and make me look like the bad guy. I watched one of them on an interview with Arise TV. “

“Is their concern really about the progress of Team Nigeria? Or they are afraid of what is going to happen when this massive case of fraud starts to unravel. I have no regrets at all. Yes, the Puma kits were available before we chose to go with our Made in Nigeria kits, which are equally beautiful and durable and also good for our economy. The kits were unveiled by the Vice-President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, so you think he would participate in that process if the kits were no good?”

“It is common knowledge that the former AFN president, Engineer Ibrahim Shehu Gusau with his co-travellers is desperate to extricate himself from a contract that he controversially signed the AFN into, which has now placed him in a position of trying to blackmail Team Nigeria into wearing the kits. Ibrahim Gusau has conveniently neglected to tell Nigerians that he and Sunday Adeleye signed a non-disclosure agreement with PUMA, which details are unknown to the Ministry and board members of the AFN.”

“Nobody will blackmail Team Nigeria into wearing those kits, they can raise all the dusts they want, but the dust will eventually settle and then they will dance to the music”


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